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Special exhibitions since 1999

Year Exhibition Duration
1999 Giovanni Segantini:
Exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of Segantini's death
12 June to 20 October
2001 Back home:
The Works of the Otto Fischbacher/Giovanni Segantini Foundation
2 June to 20 October
2004 Giovanni Segantini:
Ave Maria – Idyll, Silent Prayer and Symbol
1 June to 20 October
2008 Segantini’s Maid:
Muse and Model
31 May to 14 September
2011 Guest of Honour:
Giovanni Segantini: Primavera sulle Alpi (Springtime in the Alps)
28 May to 20 October
2013 Giovanni Segantini:
The Two Mothers
8 June to 20 October